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Hypnotherapy can help most people.  With hypnotherapy, we can think of the mind as being divided in to two parts – the conscious and unconscious mind.


The conscious mind includes everything we are aware of and our free will. It processes information in a sequential, logical and rational manner. Part of this includes memory, which although is not always part of our conscious, can be retrieved and brought to our awareness. Our conscious mind deals with limited information at any one time, to prevent us from being overwhelmed.


The unconscious (or subconscious) mind holds everything that is outside our conscious awareness, including feelings, thoughts, urges, memories and everything we have learned, such as walking, talking, writing, driving etc., as well as everything our body does automatically without having to think about it, such as digestion. 


Contents of the unconscious can be unpleasant, such as anxiety, fears, phobias, pain and conflict. The unconscious influences our behaviour, thoughts and feelings even though we may be unaware of these influences. Unresolved issues can be stored in our subconscious and manifest into our conscious mind as anxiety, phobias and even illness. 

Hypnotherapy uses the power of suggestion to encourage positive change by working with the unconscious mind to address unresolved issues or things we have learned (e.g. smoking) which we want to change.  The conscious part of your mind becomes relaxed and this then enables the subconscious part of your mind to be more open to suggestion to encourage the change you’re looking for.  

With hypnotherapy all that’s required is for you to listen and you’ll move effortlessly into a state of deep relaxation helping you to establish peace of mind, let go of negativity and relieve stress, anxiety and depression.


Hypnotherapy can help to re-train your brain so you can change aspects of yourself which you are finding difficult so you can enjoy life.  So, why don't you try it and take back your power and get control over yourself and your life!

I specialise in stress and anxiety but also give hypnotherapy for weight loss, improving self-esteem and confidence and various other issues.  I can tailor the sessions to suit your specific requirements and/or pair them with other treatments such as EFT or Reiki.    If you would like to know more or ask about any specific problem, please just get in touch and we can discuss the best approach.


Take back your Power
1 hour



Total Relaxation & Healing
2 hours



Remove negative blockages
2 hours

Guided Meditations: Service
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